Zeenat Kureshi is a revolutionary in the interior design industry.

Making a home is such a crucial part of human life. One almost puts almost everything into making a house. One has a definite idea of how one wants to see it. What makes a home picture-perfect is the right interior and the comfort that it has to offer. The perfect interior gives the feeling of warmth and affinity to those it belongs to. But finding someone who can provide it all by doing things right for their clients in matters of their expectations, budget, and comfort is hard to find. Zeenat Kureshi is providing that to her clients. She has an interior design company, Diva Di Lusso Interno, through which she is fulfilling her passion of giving wings to her clients’ imagination.

Zeenat has been running this company for a long time now, and with all her hard work and talent, she has been successful in turning it into a well-known brand for interior design work.

One feels good in their home when it is exactly as they imagined it. Zeenat does precisely that with her clients. She transforms your creative mind into a delightful reality. Her belief is: “Let your creative mind roam free.” Zeenat Kureshi lives in Shalimar Bagh, Delhi. It provided her with the opportunity to showcase her abilities to the world, and what she had to offer was extremely valuable in the realm of a luxurious lifestyle. Inventiveness and advancement, style and helpfulness, quality and improvement: an extraordinary mix of factors, close to a fundamental vision, has added to the success through the progress of ZEENAT KURESHI.

Zeenat has started her excursion to the plan of the social classes’ dream homes and places. It didn’t take her long to recognize how separated the business was and the manner in which components like distinctive the right specialists, and sorting out tasks were looked at by a larger number of individuals to ensure fair expense and quality.

Zeenat has been deeply involved in a number of valuable projects. She and her team work on all kinds of spaces from residential, and corporate to Salon and Restaurant. She is the director of Diva Di Lusso, Diva Casa Furniture, Kidzzkart, Akira Traders & Exporters, and Akira Welfare Foundation. Her offices are based in Punjabi Bagh West, Rama Road, Moti Nagar.


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