These are Kamran Razmdjoo’s favourite fashion designers

Style enthusiasts often follow fashion designers religiously and unquestioningly, emulating everything from their style to their choices. Do you know why? It’s because these designers exert a great influence on the hearts and minds of their followers regardless of geographies and cultures! Take for instance, Kamran Razmdjoo. Though this celebrity stylist is himself admired by numerous people for his unique taste, he too is highly influenced by a few fashion designers.

Speaking on the subject , Kamran Razmdjoo lists notable fashion designers like Mike Amiri, Doni Nahmias, and Hedi Slimane as his inspiration. He says, “Their proficiency at designing perfect outfits is just commendable, and each of these designers is outstanding in their own ways. The fashion sense of each is just unparalleled, which has an uncanny effect on people who love fashion.”
Another designer who Kamran admires greatly is the late Virgil Abloh. He says, “He is the most inspiring and creative designer I have come across. I really love his creations and the way he depicted classic fashion.” Kamran Razmdjoo himself has a pretty huge collection of designer wear.

Kamran’s unique fashion sensibility is easy to identify in the way he himself dresses. He always tries to take insights from these aforementioned designers and their collections. To see how good Kamran actually is at styling, you must watch his Instagram, where he illustrates his exquisite skills and displays his extensive knowledge of fashion. The way he sees it, the story of his life is depicted through his fashion choices.

A few celebrities that Kamran Razmdjoo has styled are Harsh Kapoor, Travis Mills, Kelly Kelly, The Chainsmokers, Hami Diallo, Nicole Williams, Tohi, Erfan Paydar, Sami Beigi, Kamran and Hooman, Rufus De Sol, DeAndre Yedlin, etc.
Kamran believes in styling clients in a way that brings out the best of their features.
Speaking about his future work, Kamran reveals that several of his clients are going on world tours.
We will certainly be watching Kamran’s page for inspiration on the latest and the hottest ways of spicing up our wardrobes!

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