Zaid Darbar a known actor is an influencer of par excellence who knows the Industry’s nerve

Zaid Darbar

Leadership is not any position in hierarchy but creating something more of a different kind. Leaders leave no stone unturned to make their members grow. One such soul is Zaid Darbar who started his professional career as a dancer and actor but took up things that came in his way. As per the actor, it was the appreciation and love he got from people that made him embark upon his own company called B You. With his company, his idea of developing a content creating studio came in a perfect and final shape. He started taking up domestic ventures to promote people and their companies.

Soon the global ventures of similar sort also came in his way and he carried out the promotion with great perfection and professionalism. It would be interesting to see an actor and dancer is also a social media influencer and an entrepreneur. It is rather a difficult affair to be the same at all the time, but he managed to carry out all these roles with great perfection. For him, his team comes first and he makes sure to help them grow and arm with all the resources one needs to make the clients happy and prosper in this competitive world. He lives with the philosophy that no one would take anything from this world on his or her deathbed.

Man has come empty-handed and so would be his return to the death bed. Hence he ensures that he gives everything he has to hs team allowing them to excel in their work along with others who remain around him. His early childhood and teenage have gone thinking that he would do a lot beyond the material gain he will have in this life. This is the reason why he believes in sharing all the things he has to others allowing them to grow. He says his real return on investment is the smile he sees on the face of people whom he supports. He said he would continue helping people as a social media influencer and as a person as well.

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