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Ysquar3 Opens Up On His Latest Track ‘Be My Home’ And The Response Of The Audience

In India, the techno music industry is growing day by day and a lot of new music artists are making a strong case for it. One such artist is Ysquar3 who is making a splash in the techno world. Recently, he dropped his latest creation ‘Be My Home’ and made an impression with the banger.

The song ‘Be My Home’ is one of the most impressive creations by Ysquar3. He spoke about the same and said, “I have always been inspired by the techno beats. I love how they energize us and take us to a new world of rhythm altogether. So, when I was working on Be My Home, I knew that wanted to create a surreal world for the audience where they can get lost. So, I have tried to capture the impression that Techno has on me and how it changed my love for music. Thankfully the response has been amazing and as an artist, there is nothing else I can wish for.”

While techno still is a booming industry, people like Ysquar3 have been taking the role of the flagbearer seriously. “I feel so happy that I have been able to perform to my heart’s content in different cities and watch people get involved in the techno scene. I aim to take this love for music to an international level. I am working on different new stuff and with the happiness, I have gotten for ”Be my Home” I feel all the more confident and satisfied.”

Manoj L


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