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You must watch Korean dramas for THESE 5 reasons

Watching a Korean drama is like entering another world filled with endearing characters and surprising narrative turns. When we started watching a new Drama, the warm feeling and tension began to intensify. Our souls are first captured by the OST, after which the plot stays in our brains until the drama’s conclusion and the characters win our hearts. They have a good nature. In one drama, you can find a thriller, a comedy, a suspenseful story, endearing characters, some superficial characters, and a tonne of references to Korean cuisine and style.

But why exactly do K-dramas hold our attention for so long? What differentiates them from other television programs, such as American programs or other kinds of Asian dramas? Here are some of the explanations why our love of K-drama.

1) Enjoying a cast that entirely falls in love

Enjoying a cast that entirely falls in love

Asians are not often represented in Western mainstream media. Despite recent improvements, it’s still very uncommon to see an Asian person in a leading role. The fact that racial stereotypes were (and likely still are) the only parts that Asian artists could find in Hollywood is not even worth mentioning.

Due to the fact that everyone in K-dramas is Asian, Asian ethnicity does not play a major role in the plot. Instead, we may concentrate on more significant aspects like intricate character development and an engaging storyline.

2) Present romance is in another way

Present romance is in another way

In contrast to Hollywood, where bed scenes and intense kissing moments are all that is needed to convey the love between two people, Korean dramas contain a lot of lovely romance that takes the time to establish chemistry between the male and female protagonists. Extraordinary You are a character in a family-friendly drama where the female lead, Eun Dan-oh (Kim Hye-Voon), goes on a journey to become the protagonist of her own life after being cast as an extra and meant to die in another character’s story. In that program, there were only around 2 or 3 kissing sequences, so don’t expect any bed scenes very soon. However, a lot of Korean dramas contain adult material.

3) Shows us real-life facts

Shows us real-life facts

To be honest, the events depicted in Korean dramas are very far removed from the events that actually occurred, but they do speak to real-life issues that have affected us in some way, such as bullying, body shaming, an obsession with having fair skin, study issues, corruption in the educational system, mental illness, depression, sexual harassment, unemployment, etc.

It always makes us feel sympathetic, especially when we see how characters will go to great lengths to solve their issues. Despite the fact that they are meaningless in the actual world, it is comforting to see that they are caring for themselves after experiencing so many ups and downs.

4) Thrill lifts our senses

Thrill lifts our senses

Korean dramas often feature a thriller in addition to romance. The Korean drama market is rife with heart-pounding action dramas that take the shape of suspense, court drama, cult following, crime, mysteries, etc. Examples are Save me, Vagabond, Healer, K2, Abyss, Suspicious Partner, and Hello Monster. One of my favorite thriller films, Flower of Evil, demonstrates how the truth has multiple facets, each of which is enigmatic and complex in its own way.

5) Full of twists and terms

Full of twists and terms

Drama in Korea frequently takes unexpected turns. Almost every episode introduces a fresh element to the plot. One example of how turns and turns were used to craft the entire plot is the Korean drama He is Psychometric. When I saw some of its earlier episodes, I couldn’t have imagined that the guy who was trying to save the main characters throughout the entire plot was actually the main cause of the chaos in their life. Everyone’s life is turbulent since the major offender also has the illness known as alexithymia, which makes it impossible to perceive feelings.

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