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Years after the “Kiss Controversy” between Mika Singh & Rakhi Sawant, the singer calls her his ‘Best Friend’, details here!

Mika Singh made headlines recently due to his feud with Kamaal R Khan. He even recorded a song called “KRK Kutta,” which quickly became a hit. Now, the artist has spoken out about scandal queen Rakhi Sawant, referring to her as his “best buddy.” Yes, you read that correctly.

Rakhi had filed a police report against Mika in 2006 for allegedly ‘forcibly kissing her’ at his birthday celebration. Pictures and videos of the incident quickly went viral, causing a great deal of uproar. The Bigg Boss competitor further stated that she would never speak to the artist from Aankh Marey again in her life.

Mika Singh confronted Rakhi Sawant in a recent episode of Zee Comedy Factory. Chitrashi Rawat, Sugandha Mishra Bhosle, and Sidharth Sagar stunned the audience with their incredible performance. Mika was blown away by Sidharth’s portrayal of the Rakhi.

Mika Singh said, “I am a huge fan of Sidharth Sagar and his acts, however today, he was in another zone altogether, he put up a truly phenomenal act. He was playing my best friend, Rakhi Sawant, and he truly aced it. The energy he showed and the nuances he picked up; they were bang on! I must add the accent you held onto throughout the act; it was perfect. No one knows Rakhi Sawant better than me, so I can tell you, you did her mimicry very well.”

While Rakhi has yet to respond to the remark, it will be interesting to hear her thoughts on the matter. For more such exciting updates, stay tuned to Cine Talkers.

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