Writing About Women:The Phenomenal Sandeep Kumar Mishra

Sandeep’s passion for writing about women, in a way most men can't, is just outstanding

Poetry is a language of a few but meant for many. Poetry is a lifestyle; it’s a creation on its own that originates beyond basic imagination. Sandeep Kumar Mishra is the true reflection of what poetry is; he defines poetry on a whole new level. To Sandeep, poetry is an art, a way of living that he purposes to share with the world. Sandeep Kumar is known for his poetry language, his ability to reach magnitudes of people with simple words; it’s how his words resonate with the majority of individuals that make his work stand out.  Great poets in the history of literature let their work speak for them, centuries after they are gone, and their work still lives on, educating and teaching people. This is the reality with Sandeep; his good works and reputation precede him. He uses poetry to heal, to love, and to unite. There is no limitation on the extent of the impact of his work.

With a teaching career in Literature, Sandeep gained insight into the lives of the ordinary man, the epitome of what gives life meaning; he gathered the various aspects that form the core of existence and translated them into poetry.  What makes his work more beautiful is incorporating his own life into his poems; he uses his life experience to communicate with people. This aspect gives his work some unmatched rawness that keeps readers glued and addicted; it’s a reality that many are afraid to admit. The twenty-first century has seen the rise of basic poets who fail to connect with all generations; this is the opposite of what Sandeep writes. Through his twenty-year compilation of experiences into poetry, Sandeep comes across as a classical writer, using simple language with real emotions to communicate and connect with his audience.

You may wonder what makes his works stand out; well, Sandeep is not just a poet; he was born with a deep passion for painting, another powerful form of art. Through painting, Sandeep can capture life’s reality in a drawing/painting; this gift has made it easy for him to blend his poetry and the different pieces of painting to form a powerful combination. Sandeep uses his autobiographical poetry highlighting depression, love, mental illness, and other different personal emotions to illustrate what a full life looks like. The collection of Sandeep’s poems reveal a life that had ups and downs, he encountered challenges along the way, but that did not hinder him from soldiering on; despite all the shortcomings, he still managed to have a fun-filled life with love and joy. Many poets can borrow a leaf from Sandeep’s classical works and understand that people want to read about your life’s contradictions. We want to feel your low moments too. You don’t have to sugarcoat the story to impress; lay your truth bare and make yourself vulnerable.

Sandeep’s passion for writing about women in a way most men cannot is just outstanding; it’s a pure gift. Sandeep’s work can be compared to Maya Angelou’s work when she describes the phenomenal woman, letting women know that they matter, and they are important. The way he blends his art with the poetry brings out a rawness of character, which is the poet’s true definition. Someone who is not afraid to be critiqued, someone who understands the multifaceted nature of life and appreciates the beauty that comes with it. That’s who Sandeep Kumar Mishra is, a phenomenal poet!

Writing About Women:The Phenomenal Sandeep Kumar Mishra

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