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Journey of RJ Arundhati aka Arundhati Pal

RJ Arundhati talks about choosing a Mass Media as a Career

The mellifluous voice that the holy city of Varanasi wakes up to every day, the voice that keeps us entertained and informed at the same time – popularly known ‘RJ Ganga Kinare Wali RJ Arundhati’ has had an incredible journey of becoming a top-notch Radio Jockey. RJ Arundhati from 95 Big FM, hosts the morning show ‘Big Chai with RJ Arundhati. Since, many youngsters from small towns look up to her as an achiever whose footsteps they can follow into, there is a curiosity around how did she made it big as the voice of an entire city.

In an interview with EDGE, the popular RJ shares her journey of becoming a jock, and choosing Mass Media as a career.
RJ Arundhati aka Arundhati Pal was never very studious. But she had her special interests that she pursued with passion from early childhood. She gravitated towards extracurricular activities more naturally. She loved to perform as a dancer in school events. “The truth is if you can dream, you can make it a reality,” she says.
She recognized her zeal and talent for jockeying and anchoring at a very early age. She was in 10th standard, she was quite enamoured by the radio presenters of her time. In the 90s radio was very popular, everyone loved the jockeys as they were household names. She was inspired and decided to pick this as her profession. To realise her dream she pursued a Bachelors program in Journalism & Mass Communication from Government University, Noida. It was during this course that she got her first break – working as a paid intern with Radio Varanasi, a community station.
Arundhati started her career interning with Radio, later she interned with print media in NBT Lucknow. She explored many other opportunities before settling for jockeying.
Arundhati’s talents aren’t just confined to being a great radio jockey. She is also an excellent mimicry artist. Her pieces mimicking actress Kangana Ranaut, Daya Bhabhi of Tarak Mehta ka ulta chasma fame, and bhabi ji of Bhabiji Ghar par Hai, has everyone in splits.

Some highlights from EDGE’s conversation with Arundhati…

Challenges in Lockdown Arundhati feels that while the lockdown has been a huge challenge to beat. Learning to work from home as an RJ has been a major achievement for her. At the same time, she feels she has been able to contribute as a citizen in spreading awareness about do and don’ts during this very crucial period and keeping people optimistic. “The concept of working from home while being an RJ was very new, challenging, exciting and taught me different ways in which I could reach out to people and make a difference to their lives from anywhere in the world, through my show,” says the ever-enthusiastic RJ.

Message to all your listeners

As fragrance of flower can’t be stopped from spreading similarly Goodness can’t be seen, it can be observed. It creates a positive aura, which itself makes people realise how good you are.
Don’t stop your deeds in any situation

Journey of RJ Arundhati aka Arundhati Pal


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