Writer Shobhit Sinha is flooded with appreciation messages and gifts from fans for his impeccable scriptwriting

Writer Shobhit Sinha
Writer Shobhit Sinha

It is a known fact that Shobhit Sinha is one of the finest writers from the television industry who has carved a niche in the entertainment world owing to his impeccable writing skills and has been receiving immense love and appreciation from the fans and critics over the years.

The writer is flooded with multiple DMs and messages from fans who are not only praising his humorous content but also his poetry and deep writing which recently got viral. Fans are insisting him to write more by flooding his DMs. He also witnessed thousands of shares in one day for one of his videos that went Viral. Not just this, but Shobhit has received a gift from his secret fan saying “keep writing” with a thank you mug. Sharing his feeling for the love poured by masses, Shobhit says, “I am immensely in love with my life, Now I understand the power of love more, I always have conveyed my feelings to the audience only through an actor, but it’s an immense pleasure to talk with the audience directly. I get love messages for my writing which inspires me to write more. I always feel blessed that words departing from the heart are arriving at the heart .”

Till date, Shobhit has written thousands of scripts. His agency, Syaahityik Productions, which focuses on various genre scripts offers a wide range of creativity with a total of more than 300 scripts delivered within a year’s time for famous TV comedy and reality shows.

Recently, Shobhit bagged the title of the fastest-growing writer in the television industry. Not just that, his agency named Syaahityik Productions too becomes the first professional Bollywood writers company in the nation.

The ace writer has been rightfully credited for shows like Comedy Nights Bachao, Comedy Circus, Comedy Classes, Entertainment Ki Raat among 27 other shows.

Shobhit is currently writing honey bunny ka Jholmal on Sony Yay, including other shows of the same channel. He is also doing a comedy show for Flipkart being a content director, apart from this he is giving voices for his new animation show as a voice-over artist.

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