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World No Tobacco Day: Tobacco kills 6 Million People Each Year

Every year on 31st of May, World No Tobacco Day is observed all across the world to create an awareness about this menace and its use. This day reminds people to fight the menace and put efforts against its growth in society. This year, the theme of this day is Stop Illicit Trade of Tobacco Products. As per WHO, more than 6 million people lose their lives every year. The same report even suggest that every six second 10 people die due to Tobacco consumption. Around 80 percent of the people are based in the middle income nations where the burden for the tobacco-related sickness seems to be at a great height.

Unfortunately, for India and other Asian nations, the illicit smuggling of tobacco is thriving despite the presence of stringent laws. The South East Asia director of WHO Poonam Khetrapal said that most of these nations have porous borders, which render simply opportunities for smuggling of tobacco-related products. She further named a couple of stringent laws being present in these countries, however, the slackness at the border areas has kept the business tobacco-related products’ smuggling simple and ongoing. On this day, WHO has called upon the nations to work together come forward with stringent course of action against these highly addictive products.

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