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Dr Reddy’s Comes up with a Drug for Stroke Patients

Dr Reddy’s Laboratories is a known research company in pharmacy domain. The company is responsible for a number of drugs for various medical conditions. Recently, the company was seen launching a drug for stroke patients for Somazina. This is perhaps a drug, which can help in treating a number of patients who have suffered from stroke.This Hyderabad based company was seen networking with a global company based in Spain called Ferrer Internacional SA seeking their help in order to embark with this drug- Somazina, which will be available in India soon as confirmed by the statement received by Dr Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd. It is considered to be an important feat of the company.

Somazina is known for its use for issues like stroke management, which have been used for a number of medical and health treatments of post-stroke patients all over the world. It is generally used for improving cognitive function in the patients who have suffered from strokes in the recent past or cerebral infarction or who were seen undergoing over the brain surgery or is seen suffering from head injuries. In the state, the team leading this project seems to be excited to see the drug in the market. The Sr. Vice President of the company called Alok Sonig was seen issuing the statement while launching the project with the global team of Spain. With the launch of Somazina in India and its acquisition. This is considered to be an important feat by one all players present in the market.

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