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World Environment Day : How Bollywood celebrities observing this day ?

We know WED or World Environment Day as a global event celebrated on June 5th each year to raise awareness about environmental issues and promote sustainable practices. As the world grapples with pressing ecological challenges, it is heartening to see Bollywood celebrities stepping up and using their influence to make a positive impact on the environment. These stars have embraced their roles as environmental ambassadors, actively participating in initiatives and advocating for sustainable living.

One such Bollywood celebrity is Dia Mirza, known for her passion for environmental conservation. Dia has been vocal about the need to protect and preserve nature. She actively promotes sustainable fashion and urges people to adopt eco-friendly practices in their daily lives. She has also been involved in campaigns focused on afforestation and waste management, emphasizing the importance of individual actions in creating a greener future.

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Actor and producer, Farhan Akhtar, has been a strong advocate for various environmental causes. He supports initiatives related to renewable energy, water conservation, and waste reduction. Farhan has used his platform to raise awareness about environmental issues through social media and public appearances. He has been actively involved in campaigns that promote the use of solar energy and the importance of responsible waste disposal.

Another prominent Bollywood figure, Rakul, is known for her commitment to sustainability and climate action. She has been at the forefront of campaigns against single-use plastic and has actively promoted recycling and waste segregation. Bhumi has also championed the cause of menstrual hygiene and launched an eco-friendly sanitary pad brand to reduce plastic waste generated by conventional sanitary products. Check her post:


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These Bollywood celebrities, among many others, serve as inspiring role models, using their fame and influence to promote environmental consciousness. Their efforts extend beyond mere lip service, as they actively participate in environmental initiatives and advocate for sustainable practices. By leveraging their reach and engaging with their fans, these celebrities have the power to create a ripple effect, inspiring millions to take action and contribute to the well-being of the planet.

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