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Urvashi Rautela Gears up for a biopic on Yesteryear actress Parveen Babi

Urvashi Rautela has remained a popular Bollywood actress. A model turned actress recently expressed her thoughts on her upcoming venture, which is a biopic made on the life of yesteryear’s actress Parveen Babi the industry’s treatment of late actress Parveen Babi. Urvashi is set to portray Parveen Babi in an upcoming biopic, shedding light on the life and struggles of the iconic star. In a recent interview, Urvashi stated that Bollywood failed Parveen Babi during her lifetime.

Parveen Babi was a talented and trailblazing actress of her time, known for her stunning beauty and exceptional acting skills. She achieved great success in the 1970s and 1980s, starring in several successful films. However, behind her glamorous on-screen persona, Parveen battled mental health issues, which were often misunderstood and neglected by the industry. She instagrammed about the actress who met a tragic end in her last days of life as under:


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Urvashi Rautela, who has been studying Parveen Babi’s life in depth for her role, expressed her admiration for the late actress and her determination to bring her story to the forefront. She emphasized the importance of raising awareness about mental health and ensuring that individuals struggling with such issues receive the support and understanding they deserve.

The biopic aims to shed light on the challenges Parveen Babi faced during her career and personal life. It will delve into her journey, capturing the highs and lows she experienced in the entertainment industry. Urvashi Rautela’s portrayal is expected to pay homage to Parveen’s legacy and highlight the impact she made in Bollywood.

Urvashi’s comments about Bollywood’s failure to support Parveen Babi have sparked discussions about the industry’s responsibility towards its artists’ mental well-being. Many have echoed Urvashi’s sentiments and called for a more empathetic and supportive environment in Bollywood.

The biopic on Parveen Babi is not only an opportunity to showcase the life of a remarkable actress but also serves as a reminder of the importance of addressing mental health in the entertainment industry.

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