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With You, Without You

With You, Without YouWith You, Without You cast and crew :

Actress: Anjali Patil
Release Date: 13th June, 2014
Cast: Anjali Patil, Shyam Fernando, Wasantha Moragoda, Maheshwarie Ratnam
Director: Prasanna Vithanage

Srilankan director made With You, Without You is another movie inspired by Russian literature. Prasanna Vithanage’s production with you or without you is an extremely emotional film that will show you how humans today give money top priority before anything else.

Plot : The movie is the story about a 45 year man who works as a pawn broker. He earns living by lending money to needy against gold or jewelleries for his lonely existence. The pawn broker loves watching television and wrestling shows on it to show off his and compare his masculinity. The film shows how a young tamil women enters in his life and changes all.

Both the characters of the film suffer from a dark past. Selvi in the movie lost her two brothers who got brutally killed by srilankan army. On the other hands Selvi’s parents sacrificed a lot saving her from rapist soldiers of srilankan army. Selvi somehow escapes from that hell and becomes a tamil refugee. In later part of the movie, selvi catches the eye in affection of the Buddhist pawn broker. Buddhist pawn broker stars following selvi in affection. One day while following her, the pawn broker discovers that selvi is about to be wed forcefully with a very old man just for money.

Pawn brokers come to save selvi and also offer to marry her instead. Selvi later moves to the house of that pawn broker. Shortly while living in same house, the two fall in love with each other. However later the terrible secret of selvi emerges that brings many twists and turns in movie. Overall it is very entertaining movie that one must watch for. It shows how brutal and inhuman army men can be when they are not kept in proper control and order.

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