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Unforgettable 2014

Unforgettable 2014Unforgettable 2014 cast and crew

Actor: Iqbal Khan
Actress: Hazel Crowney
Genre: Romance
Release Date: 13th June, 2014

Plot : Released way back in 1996, unforgettable is a must watch movie that you must not miss. The movie is based on a former police detective character. The police detective character is played by Carrie Wells. Carrie wells suffer from a very rare medical condition that makes her memory incredibly flawless. Her memory is improved by level that she is able to remember everything including every place she ever visited, every conversation, every moment of fun and joy and heartbreak she ever had in her life.

Carrie thus gets the amazing ability to not forget anything. However the one part of memory she misses that will help her solver her sisters long ago murder case is missing from her memory. Thus carrie begins her long journey to find out the details about her sister’s murder so she can finally catch the victim and provide justice to her sisters soul.

In order to solve the murder case, Carrie leaves her own life behind but by chance she gets reunited with her ex-boyfriend in later part of movie along with a partner. Carrie takes help from a detective squad that includes the team of Al Burna, Det, Mike, Roe and the detective Nina.

Along with the team, Carrie starts to investigate the case from the beginning. She and her team discover many details that bring them closer to the suspect. Being back on the job of being detective, carrie remembers her old days while solving different cases. However on her mission to solve her sister case, all she needs to do now is to remember and explore her mind to extract the information that she has forgotten.

The unforgettable movie is available on many online and offline channels. Based on the ratings and popularity movie got, its very entertaining no matter if you have watched it earlier or not.

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