Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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Will Aamir Khan Promote PK on Comedy Nights with Kapil ?

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Isn’t feels something interesting cum impressive if we talk about some legendary stars? Yes, indeed. But I guess some of you might be thinking for the title itself isn’t? But, if I’ll be honest with the day to day scenarios and with the last flash back then surely you’re not wrong as the legendary name ‘Aamir Khan these might be just two words to read but for the fans of Aamir these are nothing but diamonds that each of them never ever want to lose. In addition to this, if we check out the movie promotions of Aamir then, I’m sure we would be able to grab a handle of activities from Aamir for the promotion of his movies.

But, as the movie is fabulously spreading it’s un beatable waves around the platforms like news, social media etc but still there’s a possibility that the legendary star can give his presence on the stunning show of Kapil Sharma i.e. ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil. Despite by the fact that Aamir as a renowned star is hardily found in any of the reality shows to promote his movies it’s just like showing a little candle in front of a huge sun. We already knew his stunning spark that even if he’s moving somewhere in the town, the very next moment the news gets spread in the entire B town that he’s rolling out somewhere. In the same way it’s all about the promotion of his upcoming movies irrespective of whatever it may be. Though, we have seen almost all the Bollywood celebs to promote their upcoming movies. Let’s see our prediction can really make it to that level or not.

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