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Katti Batti Trailer Review: Another Stunning Performance of Kangana in Making

katti batti trailer review

After doing a double delight whammy in the sequel of Tanu Weds Manu, she is back with another film Katti Batti. The filmmaker Nikhil Advani and his team has released its trailer recently, which has once again given Kangana a good exposure. She is free-spirited, bold and hotter in her upcoming film in opposite Imran Khan. He is seen wooing his girlfriend in the film. Perhaps with Kangana‘s presence in the film the career of both Imran and Nikhil Advani would get a good lift as she had been proving the best for R Rajkummar and R Madhavan. Imran has hardly got any hit since Jaane Tu .. Ya Jaane Na and similar is the story of Nikhil Advani who has not really fared well at the box office after Kal Ho Naa Ho.

The Kangna Factor

Checking the recent released trailer of Katti Batti, we can make out it’s a romantic comedy between a Maddy an ill mannered guy played by Imran Khan along with bold, beautiful and callous girl called Payal. Hence, unlike the other romantic comedies, the film promises loads of emotions, fun and laughter, however, once again Kangana seems rocking the show. Though you cannot expect much of the out of the box humour in Katti Batti yet the trailer showcases the right proportion of chills and frills needed to make such movies a hit in it.

Plot Simple But Characters Too Fitting

The plot or story of the film seems simple though with no strings and whistles attached to the character of Kangana called Payal. The girl is seen having a living-in relationship for five long years but doesn’t care to fall in love, while the trailer suggests that Maddy is the victime of love whilst staying with her for this amount of time. However, in the character of Payal, you may find some glimpse of Raani from Queen and even the free bird – Tanu in the recently released Tanu Weds Manu Returns. She returns with another bubbly look with several avatars to catch up in the film. Giving a couple of successful movies in the past at the box office, the expectations are high from Ranaut, which is likely to maintain.

On the other side, Imran Khan is seen in a character of a chocolate boy, which he is known to play in his earlier films. However, for him, it suits the best, while his performance in Once Upon A Time in Mumbai Dobara cannot be underrated, yet it failed to garner positive vibes for him. He is more accepted for characters like Rahul from Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu and Gulati of Break Ke Baad. With these roles, he seems very much fitting.

What’s in Katti Batti Trailer

The trailer has a number of things, which particularly include a rather cheeky sequence wherein the angry young Payal is seen giving lessons on cleanliness and hygiene along with making him learn certain toilette etiquette to Maddy. You can find a number of moments of immense joy and gala time of life along with certain camouflaged moments of boredom and pain. Though it showcases the modern day romance, yet it doesn’t really rule out the probability of having a complex kind of film. With a time duration of around 2 minutes and 58 seconds, at one go, the trailer seems too long but it has all the elements, which can invite you to watch a number of times for the fun filled acts in it.

Wrapping up

So, far the trailer has garnered positive response from the top titans of B Town over the microblogging site – Twitter. Even the man who loves to be hated the most in B Town – Kamaal R Khan too was seen giving positive reviews about the trailer. Besides, all the serious and seasoned film critics and journalists including Sudhir Mishra and Taran Adarsh was seen giving positive remarks about the trailer. In a sense, you can call from this trailer an another Kangana hit film in making. With a power packed trailer, the anticipation for Katti Batti seems to be increasing.

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