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Why there is so hue & cry with the latest Quantico Episode

latest Quantico Episode

Although we hear the TV show Quantico’s third and final season’s shoot being cancelled due to low ratings, the latest episodes of the said show has angered certain section of the Indian society. The rage is witnessed among some Indian groups only due to the plot of Hindu terrorists being used in the show. In the recent episodes aired on 1st June, it was shows that PC’s character and her buddies in FBI have come across a tip-off of a Hudson University based Nuclear Physics professor stealing too much of Uranium they realize that he has a plan to bomb Manhattan. This episode was aired just before the scheduled India Pak Peace summit over the issue of Kashmir in NY, which immediately pointed out the needle of suspicion towards the people from the Pak.
Soon the FBI realizes that the lady Elizabeth was seen stealing the uranium since her family was kidnapped by a group of men and they were after her to make the bomb. However, with the CCTV footage directing the FBI group to a Pak based student in Nutting’s University. Further when the agency investigates the matter they find the Pak terror angle in it but the PC’s character soon find a rudraksh chain on one of the necks of a terrorist, which soon turns the table. Now, the agency comes to a conclusion that it was not the Pak based group that had framed the bomb but a bunch of fanatics and nationalists from India, which clearly indicated the presence of a Hindu terrorist group in it.
As the Hindu terror plot is unveiled, we saw an Indian FBI agent called Deep is extremely happy to see this as he is able to “take down the Pakistanis”, in the wake of his relatives being killed by the Pak residents of that country. The said episode then showcased the Indian food that says the rest of the story. Having the involvement of some fanatic group in the said episode has raised the eyebrows of many so called nationalists back in India against the show and the actress Priyanka Chopra as well.
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