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Kaala 1st day box office collection

Kaala Movie Review

As the film Kaala starring the South India megastar – Rajnikanth comes out this Friday, it was not less than a holiday kind of fervor among the fans of the actor. The film in the south India was an instant hit for the obvious reasons as the actor is worshiped not less than a god there. Needless to say that the south Indian versions of the film have been phenomenal on the box office for obvious reasons, but talking about the way it has performed in the mainstream media with its Hindi version would be interesting to note. Well, the film managed to do well over the box office giving a decent collection still though not as huge as it managed to get in the south India box office.

Well, the movie was an instant hit in the south though the response with the Hindi version seemed meager when compared to the ones found in South India. Well, the film started with occupancy of 20-30 percent in the morning shows, which soon snowballed with the passing time becoming 70 to 80 percent in the screens in the north and central India. It remained weaker in the East and also in the west to a great extent. As per reports, the first day box office collection for Kaala turned out to be around 11.5 crore, which is still a decent figure considering the fact that he has no big fan following in the Northern side of India.

As per the experts the collection of Kaala is likely to snowball in the coming first weekend giving a decent collection at the box office. The experts are expecting around 40 crores plus figure after the 1st weekend of the film. As far as the collection in the southern part is concerned, the film Kaala has given the collection of around 20 plus crore in the south alone, which makes up a decent figure with the two. Let’s see how things would move for the film in the first weekend in the Southern states of the country along with the rest of the part of India.

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