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Why Kishore Kumar Son calls Bollywood as a Dead Entity?

kishore-kumar's son Amit Kumar

For Kishore Kumar’s son Amit Kumar who is a singer, musician and actor, Bollywood no more exists. The man who ruled this industry for several decades, his sons seems with such statement seems surprising. He has sung in a number of B Town movies along with certain regional films as well since the tender age during the late seventies. Despite working so long for this industry, he calls Bollywood to be a finished entity. Bollywood never existed for him since he fails to find quality in it rather a hush rush involved in the rat race.

Considering the materialism and rate race evident in Bollywood, he preferred moving out from the industry starting his own orchestra. He performs both in India and abroad since 1995. According to the legend’s son, there is much of the interference seen by music companies and producers, which mars the creativity of the singers. He said, considering such experiences of his with certain big music companies, he preferred to stay away from this industry. He then continued to create his own music under the banner called Kumar Brothers Music (KBM).

He further said that he dislikes following the trends in Bollywood industry, though he appreciated certain talented singers of the industry but never wants to be the part of this industry. He alleged most music companies as business people who are simply interested in selling off the music like any other commodity. Recently, he was seen embarking with a special album on his 86th birth anniversary of his father. He has also acted with his father in films like Badhti Ka Naam, Chalti Ka Naam Zindagi, Shbhash Daddy, etc.

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