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Udaariyaan fame Ankit Gupta trends on Twitter! Here’s why this BB16 contestant has become a fan-favourite

Ankit Gupta, the Udaariyaan star who is locked inside the Bigg Boss 16 house, is winning the hearts of loyal viewers of the show. Every time his fans feel that the actor is being targeted, they speak up against an injustice done to him on the controversial reality show. From slamming Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia to expressing their disappointment in the statements of Host Salman Khan on their beloved star, fans have shown immense love for him.

After every incident involving the actor, the actor starts trending on Twitter as his fans extend their support and hail him for his fair play. Among all the contestants inside the house, here’s why the ‘sometimes silent – sometimes in action’ Ankit Gupta is a fan-favourite.

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THESE Things make Ankit Gupta popular among his fans

Popularity from Udaariyaan
Ankit Gupta and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary were the fresh leads on television in Udaariyaan, and their chemistry was adored by the audience. His acting skills as Fateh were noted in this show, and it made him a household name. The actor became popular with this Ravi Dubey-Sargun Mehta show, and now has a huge fan base supporting him.

Good Looks
Not to forget, Ankit Gupta manages to spread his charm among the fans with his handsome looks. Inside the house, his fellow contestant, Archana Gautam, praised him for his appearance and compared him to Jamie Dorman of Fifty shades of Grey.

Silent BUT Straight forward
Ankit might be a silent member inside the Bigg Boss house, but whenever he speaks, he makes sense. This is one of the biggest reasons his fans love him and are always there by his side. Let us remind you, what Shekhar Suman, who is hosting a special section, Bigg Bulletin inside the Bigg Boss house said about the actor. “Ankit Gupta Ki Ek Line, 200 Lines Par Bhaari Padein.” His fans also associate him as the ‘One-liner king’.

Knows How To Give A Befitting Reply
The actor is currently in the most controversial show, Bigg Boss 16, where everything regarding who is a friend and who is an enemy is a blurred vision. You have both admirers and haters inside the Bigg Boss house. Ankit Gupta knows how to give a befitting reply to his haters. Remember when Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia played an unfair game and positioned him on the 11th number? He gave an epic reply shutting her mouth once and for all, “Without any contribution, if I could make it to the 11th week, this is the biggest slap on everyone’s face.”

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