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Bigg Boss 16: Internet sensation Abdu Rozik eliminated from the show?

The television controversial show Bigg Boss 16 is leaving no stone unturned to entertain the audience. The show is hosted by popular actor Salman Khan who interacts with the contestants every Weekend Ka Waar. Every contestant is giving his best to keep the show in the limelight, and they get love and appreciation from the fans for their game. But one of everyone’s favorite and cute contestants is Abdu Rozik. Abudu’s cheeky nature is liked by all. However, everyone is surprised to see the recent promo where Abdu has been eliminated from the show this week.

Is Abdu Rozik really eliminated from the Show?

It is shown in the recent promo that Bigg Boss calls Abdu and asks him to come out of the house. All the contestants are very emotional as they are their favorites too. He greets everyone but gives a special hug to Shiv Thackeray as we have spent a lot of time with him for the last 2 months and says I will miss you. He cries while saying goodbye to everyone, which makes us all emotional.

The captions of the promo read, ‘ See the weekend episode promo hereAbdu ko kehna padh raha hai gharwaalon ko alvida, kya aapko bhi unki bidaayi ko dekh kar lagg raha hai bura?’

Seeing the promo, the fans of Abdu Rozik are also very emotional and showing their displeasure as he is the favorite of all.

What do you think, is really Abdu eliminated from the show, or is there going to be a new twist in the show?

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