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When Mike Tyson Punched Vijay Deverakonda, the actor had a ‘migraine’ the whole day

Legendary boxer Mike Tyson, who is making his acting debut, punched Vijay Deverakonda during the practice session of “Liger”. It’s shocking to know that the actor was so affected that he had a migraine the whole day.

In an interview, Ananya Panday and Vijay talked about their bonding with Mike on the sets of the movie.

Ananya recalled the incidents from the shoot, saying, “Unhone Mere Kandhe Par Sirf Apna Haath Rakha tha (He just kept his arm on my shoulder) and I was like I am gonna fall. His hand was too heavy. At first, I was afraid, but he was so sweet, and now I think that we are friends. ”

Vijay also narrated the incident when Tyson punched him accidentally. He said, “Jab Sube Mai Set Par Gaya, Tab Production Ne Kaha Ki Tiger Sir Ke Shoes Nahi Mil Rahe, Coz Unke Foot Ka Size 14 hai. (When I went on the sets that morning, the production team told me that they couldn’t find shoes for Tiger Sir as his foot size is 14. I have a big foot and my size is 10. When he came on the sets and greeted us, we realized that his wrist size was also bigger. ”

He further added, “After seeing his hands, feet, and neck, I was concerned. When he accidentally punched me during the rehearsals, I had a migraine for the entire day. I wasn’t knocked out, but my body wanted to fall down.”

The much awaited movie ‘Liger’ will have a global release on August 25th. Mike Tyson who will be seen in the movie too, was recently spotted on a wheel chair at the airport making his fans worried.

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