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What’s Cooking Behind The Duo Mika Singh and Sunny Leone?

Jeetu Likhar



Mika Singh and Sunny Leone

Think on the title and say, Don’t you think, a bit of strange thing in this? Surely it is. One of the hottest women ‘Sunny Leone is now a day’s seems to be catching up something spicy cum fire with the stunning cum melodious singer ‘Mika Singh’!! However, if we talk about these two celebrities then, these were somewhat North and South Pole in Bollywood since back but, now a day’s it seems like there is something spicy chemistry cooking behind the scenes, I guess you still won’t believe this right? So, catch out the knock-knock on this,,

Recently, they both were gone for an event in America, meanwhile ‘Mika’ personally thanked her for a wonderful night, the news then confirmed that both of them spent a quality time with each other, with a wonderful dinner along with a coffee at ‘Sunny’s’ house. In addition to this, ‘Mika’ also tweeted his thoughts on twitter as well, he tweeted – Hey @SunnyLeone last night had a grt time at your place thanx for the yummy pizza and chai latte ! See you at #Orlando!! Till then twerk!. Following up, some news, it was also confirmed that both of them are becoming good friends and many a times they used to spend a special moment with each other. Continuing the spicy chemistry between them the duo ‘Mika’ recently shot an item number ‘Shake That Booty’ for Mika’s upcoming Punjabi film, ‘Balwinder Singh Famous Ho Gaya‘. This song might be a formality for the celebrities but who knows these two diamonds can even come up from the huge coal blocks and bash on the news with a knot!!

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