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The Story Behind Amir Khan Peekay (PK) Posters

aamir peekay

Recently the nude poster of PK by Aamir Khan has created an overwhelming buzz in the media as it turned out to be the most controversial one in the society. The people of our country was seen getting divided into two sects, with one liking it the most and calling the same as creative one, while other camp was seen carrying out the drama of adding attires in the said poster in public. Recently, his second poster was seen making yet another buzz getting Aamir in red color bandwala dress, giving another note of positive responses from the society as it saw the actor dressed from head to toe. The director Rajkumar Hirani and Vidhu Vinod Chopra the producer had their own versions about the said controversial poster, which makes us analyze the story behind them. Let’s have a look at these:

The notion behind these nude posters

According to Aamir, he tried a hat in Dhoom 3 while promoting this blockbuster movie. Salman too was seen doing the same in one of the episodes of Big Boss, considering it as a friendly gesture for Aamir. As we all know how Salman is simply waiting for an opportunity to go shirtless, hence the idea of going nude in the poster by Aamir Khan seems to have inspired by Sallu baba. As Posters happen to be the first step to understand any movie, and every poster comes with its own set of requirements, let us check what this nude poster has to talk about the movie PK. The idea here was to embark with different posters posing in all together a diverse way. This can help the audience and critics to make out different inferences and ideas about the movie, making it a constant topic of debate and discussion in the media. The kind of furore the posters created so far for the movie PK has been taken as a positive note by the crew of PK and thus you can expect more such posters soon before the movie is finally released. You have eight different posters, which are scheduled to embark before the release of PK.

Aamir’s reaction on audience’s response

The reaction from audience was quick, instant and very much aggressive, which was as expected by the team of PK. A section of audience really appreciated such a unique idea, while others really felt as what went wrong, which compelled Aamir to remove his clothes. Many in the media and audience called it a marketing gimmick simply tried and tested to get instant response from the people. However, Aamir denied this and called it as any other poster released simply to promote the movie and not meant to sensationalize the movie to sell. The nude man standing in the poster speaks about the relevancy of the movie, which happens to be the part and parcel of this story that would be found in the movie. Hence, the very idea was not to create any kind of buzz through the idea of vulgarity in the society. Aamir simply denied the accusation of vulgarity shown in the movie and claimed that he can be vulgar even wearing clothes while he act, dance or sing, however, the movie is far away from obscenity and vulgarity.

The puns and pranks over social media

Come anything, you have punks, jokes and humor being cracked over it and PK was obviously not an exception. The old axiom in Hindi- Badnam Hue to Naam na Hua ( you get fame with your bad name), seem to prove right for the PK poster as well. In fact, the jokes made on this were really fantastic and creative, which made people laugh and share light moments and above all making the posters viral in the social media. People alleged Aamir Khan that he has allowed graphic designers to simply Photoshop his image to go nude. On the contrary, Mr. Perfectionist refuted this allegation saying that he gave the shot for the said poster, as the movie really required it. This gave another chance for the people to shoot jokes and pranks on the PK poster making it viral over the social media. The fact is, the seeds for the movie PK was sown long back when Aamir was shooting for Dhoom 3.

The Role of Aamir in PK

Aamir would be speaking Bhojpuri in the entire movie, and he calls it as one of the best thing to happen in his Bollywood career. In fact, this movie has become his number one favourite, which really comprised of a tough role to do. Keep all his earlier roles like Rancho (3 Idiots), ACP Rathore (Sarfarosh), Bhuvan (Lagaan), etc. at one side and the role of PK at the other, you will find the latter to be more comprehensive and tough as compared to the formers. According to Aamir, you can find all the true colors of entertainment from Raju Hirani, which will make you both cry and laugh. In other words, the movie is a blend of both kinds of emotions, which makes the movie captivating for the audience.

Last word

Rajkumar Hirani took four long years to write the script of the movie, which means it will certainly not going to disappoint the audience. The movie comes with a great story, incredible script, perfect direction and robust acting of Aamir and others. All these elements together would culminate to make a perfect and all time complete entertainment package.

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