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What Radhika Apte has to say on her Viral Netflix Memes?

Radhika Apte

Finally we saw Radhika Apte speaking about her recent work in Ghoul after she was trolled a lot for being the part of this show over Netflix. She said that her association with such a streaming platform has been there for a while and would not hamper career or image. She says she has been linked with this platform and her association will bring three more series for the said media.  These include Lust Stories, and Sacred Games apart from Ghoul, which have released at Netflix this year. We have seen the lady being targeted a lot for her association with the group, while she says that it is not the coincidence.

She calls it to be a great opportunity in her career to be the part of Netlfix’s based shows. She said she was glad when the director Patrick Graham asked her to be the part of it and said that the original idea was to make a mini-series but when she asked to convert into a full-fledged series, the makers agreed. She then said that for series like Ghoul, it is often a good idea to embark with the streaming platform. The reason why she feels so is that with Netflix, the audience would get a wider audience as the reach is broader and wider.

She then said that she is hoping to see getting response from all the parts of our country. In fact, the platform has recently released a spoof video on the web with the title –  “Whatever the role, Radhika apt hai.” As you check the video, you would find the makers of Ghoul called Vik or Virmaditya Motwane calling on her and saying that what if he is given to play all the characters in the movie. She was attracted to this statement and called it to be a challenge, which she felt that its hard to turn down. Soon we saw another tweet coming from Netflix, which said that even the films like Pad Man too is over the streaming media, and later said that the film has Radhika Apte in it. Stay tuned to get the updates.

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