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What Makes Akshay Kumar different from the Khans?

Akshay Kumar

When Akshay Kumar reached Bombay he had nothing but to take up martial art classes and similar odd jobs to do in the city to make his living. Soon some of his students suggested him to try his luck in modeling that made the roads to the film. When he came he was an action hero and known for the Khiladi series. Some worked while other failed to work. He had a long struggling years till he tried some other genre mixing action, comedy and other stuff that finally worked for him. In B Town, he has his own image different from other actors particularly from the Khans. In fact, his personal and professional life have been different from others particularly the Khans. So, let’s peep in how he is different from the Khans.

No Godfather.

He entered B Town with no Godfather in the industry to launch him. Yet he is more saleable actor as a star like the Bollywood actors. He is struggled for a while but when he came he now is among the top stars of Bollywood and has carved his niche hard in the industry. He is among the fittest actor in B Town and has gone a long way to make himself a known actor not just in India but abroad as well.

Social Initiative

akshay kumar

When his film ‘Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’ hit the theatres and did well at the box-office. His wife was seen tweeting about the public defecation on Juhu beach in Mumbai that caused a huge storm. She while on a morning walk on the beach saw a man defecating in the open. She then tweeted about it though was criticized for insensitivity towards slum-dwellers who have no other option to use the beach like a toilet. Akki soon came up with a Public Toilet at the place, which is still visible and used by people.

Willingness to experiment


He is smart enough to experiment, he started new but soon loved to experiment in different genre to establish himself as a star. Right from action to comedy to many more things. He knows the Karate and other martial art that made him the star today keeping him different from the Khans.

Striking a healthy balance

akshay kumar fitness

He is known to sleep on time and get up in the morning. He is never indulged in any kind of late night parties unlike the other Khans. He is known to utilize his time in doing films hence he comes too often in a year giving 3-4 films per year despite getting any pressure or stress as he maintains a balanced life.

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