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What is Netflix going to do for Indian audiences?

India’s OTT market has become 11 thousand crore rupees. To dominate this, Netflix has now said to invest 3 thousand crore rupees in the Indian market in 2019 and 2020. Netflix is ​​investing this in creating original web series and movies, from production, promotion, tie-ups from authors and acquiring rights to many novels. Netflix told to a news portal that we have worked on all types of genres to give a better experience to the Indian audience. We have also produced comedy thrillers like Chopstick and Bard of Blood.

Netflix has tied up with production houses such as Red Chillies Entertainment, Clean Slate, etc. to provide better local content. Not only this, our films and series are also being shot in places like Delhi, Mumbai and Kerala. In our 60 per cent of series-films, one of the main characters is a woman. According to Netflix, as of December 2018, it had around 130 million subscribers worldwide. Which increased by about 28 million to 15.8 million in December 2019. By March 2020, it is expected to increase by 7 lakh subscribers. Significantly, Netflix started working in India from the year 2016.

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