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Bigg Boss 13: Sunil Grover aka Gutthi gives new name “Abdullah” to Aarti Singh

Sunil Grover as his popular character Gutthi

Today, Sunil Grover is entertaining everyone in Bigg Boss 13 house. He has made an appearance on the show as his popular character, Gutthi, which he used to play in the comedy Nights with Kapil Show.

With the kink inside the house, the fun seemed to double. Gutthi will enter the house today on Sunday and interact with the contestants. She was telling the contestants that outsiders have started calling Aarti Singh “Abdullah”.

The householder asks for the reason and Gutthi revead “Begaani Ki Shaadi Mein Abdullah Deewana” and everyone starts laughing. It is a popular phrase in the Hindi language, spoken about people who are more interested in other people’s affairs.


Gutthi then goes to Asim Riaz, giddy and pinches him saying, “Dil Toh Toot Gaya Jab Nikli Himanshi Khurana”. On hearing this, all the people of the house get laughed.

Guthi would enter the house as a news reader and spread fun all around. In Saturday’s episode, Gutthi also had fun with host Salman Khan and went on a honeymoon with him. She gave birth to a child on the Celebrity Express train, which was done with Salman Khan’s hairstyle from the movie ‘Tere Naam’. The audience could not stop laughing after seeing this and Salman also enjoyed this reel wedding.

Now it remains to be seen whether Madhurima has really been eliminated in the house of Bigg Boss 13 and who is with them another member who will be homeless today.

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