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What Advise, Rishi Kapoor has for his son after Bombay Velvet Debacle ?

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The so called Magnum Opus of Anurag Kashyap called Bombay Velvet which was produced at a whopping cost of around 120 crores fall flat on ground wrecking all havoc to the filmmakers and his team. It was not just the filmmakers who face the music but even the actors in the lead role especially Ranbir Kappor. It’s inevitable to see the way Ranbir was dejected with the pitfall of Bombay Velvet. An actor who has enjoyed the stardom with his several successful movies in B Town was left to mourn with certain flop movies, which included Bombay Velvet and even Roy.

However, he remained far from the defeat learning to move on to do best in his career. As this juncture, he is smart enough to overcome the setback seeking his father- Ranbir Kapoor‘s pragmatic advice. At such juncture, he took time to sit with his son to give him one important piece of advice- Neither take the success in his head nor failure to his heart. He said in his brief career span, he has witnessed loads of ups and downs but has taken it all in his stride. He informed that his son faced certain dejection but soon he was seen moving ahead with it.

Rishi Kapoor said he is recovering from the damages he faced due to the failure of BV, however, its good for him to learn things at such an early stage of his career. He said, unlike his son he too faced the same kind of debacle after his film Bobby. He enlisted all his flop movies while taking about his son including movies like Zehreela Insaan, Zinda Dil Rangeela Ratan and Raja. He said Ranbir is passing through the phase of churning and soon he will find his bearings.

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