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What Went Wrong At Justin Bieber’s Concert In India: Check the list

Justin Bieber in india

So, it’s over! The madness about the International singer Justin Bieber performing in Mumbai has finally settled down as the concert took place last night at DY Patil Stadium. While a lot of you may think that the Canadian pop star Justin Bieber nailed it and performed to his best but the truth is far from that- there were a lot of things which went totally wrong in this much-hyped concert. Time to check the list of bad things that mess up the show:

It was all about how well Justin Bieber lip syncs his own songs: It has turned off fans that Bieber did more of a lip-sync than actually singing live. In fact, Bollywood director, Anurag Basu, who is a big fan of Bieber left his VVIP lounge to go closer to the stage but was left disappointed. This might hurt you, but more than hundreds of people attended the event without buying the tickets.

Indians are father-of-jugaads: The prices of the concert ticket varied from Rs. 4,060 /- to Rs. 76,790 /-. Even the VVIP section was divided into three sections. VVIP3, VVIP2, and VVIP1; whose tickets range started from 36K, 58K and the highest almost 77K respectively. However, we could see a man who arrived at the event all they way from the state of Rajasthan felt immensely proud when he said amusingly, “It was so much fun! I bought a ticket worth Rs.4,000 but stood at the section that cost Rs.10,000 per ticket!

Bad arrangements: The arrangements were too bad. It was too chaotic and mismanaged. Fans were divided into different categories even after buying same type of ticket. The loos were extremely dirty.

Exorbitant price of Food and beverages: The food items and cold drinks were being sold at an exorbitant price without any coupons, bills or receipts. Imagine paying a bomb for food and water after spending thousands on tickets already.

No more Swach Bharat Abhiyaan: The entrances were filled with garbage everywhere as the dustbins were limited (so much for Swach Bharat Abhiyaan).

Transportation was a disaster: People had to park their cars, go to the box-office and then walk to the stadium. Public transport was charging a bomb even for short distance. There were reports of missing people who could not reach to each other because of all the commotion and phone network jams.

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