We expect a web series or a movie based on the books of author Abhishek Kapoor and author Deepti Sharma

Abhishek Kapoor

It is 2021, and people nowadays want to do things almost instantly. Many students prefer gaining knowledge from videos. But the things that inspire most of the movies and web series are books. Blockbuster movies, widely watched web series, and a lot of famous tv shows are based on novels and plays written by reputed authors. We picked two of the most inspiring contemporary Indian authors – Author Abhishek Kapoor and Author Deepti Sharma, both of whom should soon be approached by smart production houses looking for a fresh concept for their upcoming projects.

Author Deepti Sharma is a fiery assortment of languages, colors, cultures, and all things eccentric. A full-time Math trainer, she aspires to craft raw and authentic content through her writing in books and the Indian film & television industry.
Having donned many hats, it’s a fresh one as an author and Fake Posh is her second book. Her debut novel Litany of Woes was about a rebellious author and her perilous life encounters.

Sharma hails from Jaipur, Rajasthan, where she lives with her family, her parents, and two younger siblings. It’s her literature-oriented childhood she regards instrumental in her writing journey. Her favorite authors are Ruskin Bond, Sadat Hasan Manto, Jhumpa Lahiri, Khaled Hosseini, and Mirza Ghalib. She loves to teach, read books, write, learn languages and play guitar!

Author Abhishek Kapoor is a serial entrepreneur and is also named as one of the top Indian authors by national media. His international bestseller The Pride of t20 cricket is a cricket-based comedy that aims to bring a smile to the face of all the readers. Abhishek’s national bestselling book The Selfish Betrayals is a crime-based murder mystery that creates a visual representation of thrilling scenes using the magic of words. Both these novels are perfectly apt for web series or a movie.

“The youngsters nowadays are more into digital space than what they were a couple of decades ago. I was approached by a startup production team for a web series based on The Selfish Betrayals, but I am certainly waiting for the correct time and company to invest in it. Though I would love to watch a movie or a web series based on my novels, the fact is that people, money, fame, and time may come and go, but what remains forever is a book well written,” Abhishek Kapoor adds.

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