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It’s punny… Oops, I mean funny! by Author Namita Das is the perfect recipe for a web series

Namita DasOne of the books which were well received by readers in recent times is ‘It’s Punny… Oops, I mean Funny!’ authored by Namita Das. Since its release, the book has garnered good reviews in the media as well as by the paying public on Amazon, Goodreads, Quora, etc.

There can be many reasons behind the success of ‘It’s Punny… Oops, I mean Funny!’ but one factor which is contributing in a big way is the free-flowing entertainment this book has to offer. Corona is still ravaging the world through its conveyor belt of different strains and this book is proving to be a great stress buster for readers amidst all this doom and gloom.

The book is a collection of hilarious short stories about an urban couple, Anu and Mr. Husband who are later joined by Mr. Tots. The stories revolve around these three characters, their day-to-day life, work-life balance, parenting, and the humor arising out of such circumstances. At no point, humor is forced and readers feel like they are being a part of the happenings with each turning page.

Namita has managed to establish characters perfectly and the humor is situational without being slapstick. Nowhere it feels like ‘It’s Punny… Oops, I mean Funny!’ is authored by a debutant as Namita’s storytelling is seamless and taut.

Much after you finish reading, characters still play in your mind, and in that sense, the book has great cinematic value as well. Just like the sitcoms of yore ‘Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai’ or ‘Shrimaan Shrimati’ or even the ongoing hot web series from ‘Shitty Ideas Trending’; you remain invested in the characters of Anu, Mr. Husband, and Mr. Tots.

The USP of the stories is the sarcasm-coated puns and the witty punchlines delivered bang in between a serious situation. Stories such as dealing with a nosy neighbor, some strangers seeking help, a compassionate robber, a pushy salesgirl, and a miscommunicating toddler have immense entertainment to offer and have great potential for a cinematic adaption may be as a web series. Content creators of Bollywood or any other wood, please take note.

The book has managed to establish an instant connection with the audience and there is already an urge to come back for more.

Manoj L


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