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WATCH: Urfi Javed EXPOSES a big SECRET of Bigg Boss OTT House, netizens call her ‘cheap’ for the way she talked about it

Bigg Boss OTT lives up to its slogan of being “over the top.” There is no filter on what the candidates are wearing or saying this season! Urfi Javed was the first candidate to be evicted from the show hosted by Karan Johar. But did you know that during one of the challenges, she made a shocking revelation? It appears that it was cut from the final episode. Continue reading for more information.

For those who are unaware, Urfi was dumped after Zeeshan Khan broke up with her to hook up with Divya Agarwal. The actress was then given the chance to rescue herself by delivering a 45-minute live show in front of the audience. She made some unknown revelations during this conversation, which were removed by the producers.

Now, a video is going viral where Urfi Javed could be heard saying, “Jaise ki maine aapko bataya ki yaha s*x ho chukka hai, is Bigg Boss OTT ke ghar me. Pata nahi aapko dikhaya gaya hoga ki nahi! Par yaha s*x ho chukka hai on camera!!”

After hearing this, Pratik Sehajpal interrupts and goes, “What?” Urfi Javed continues, “Prateek so rahe the kya jab s*x ho raha tha on camera? Tumne s*x hote hue nai dekha? Yahan pe do bandar jab s*x kar rahe the, tab pata nai Pratik kya kar raha tha.”

Pratik Sehajpal’s reaction was criticised by fans in the comments section. Urfi Javed was even dubbed “cheap” by others for the manner she spoke about it.

Urfi, on the other hand, has been enraged by her eviction from Bigg Boss OTT. After she left the house, she attacked Zeeshan Khan and Divya Agarwal in various interviews.

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