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Wajah Tum Ho Box Office Prediction

Before the Big release, there is not often any movie releasing but this year, it is an unusual story as we have Wajah Tum Ho releasing before Dangal hits the theatres on 23rd December. Well, the film though had some buzz initially but it soon died down as the erotic suspense thriller has less to offer. Nevertheless, the makers chose to release the film this Friday since it becomes difficult to release next month or close to Dangal as too many really good movies are lined up to hit the theatres.

There isn’t much of erotic movies releasing this year with just one like Hate Story 3 and the now Wajah Tum Ho the film is likely to have less chance to attract the audience as well. Thanks to the low promotion and of course the menace of cash crush created by demonetization effects. Such films do well over the single screens and unfortunately there you get things on cash and not on card. On the other side, one can expect some fair chunk of money to get for the movie.

If the film is able to do even the half business of Hate Story 3, it can end up getting at least 4 crores at the box office. But that may not be the case for the above said two reasons. Yet one can expect the film to gain not less 2.5 to 3 crores over the box office for sure. Also, it is a solo release, hence it will get benefited in some way to the other. The first weekend might get some amount of surge in the coming first weekend provided one gets a decent word of mouth buzz for the film.

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