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VRanjha : Multi year recession in music industry after COVID-19

Punjabi Singer VRanjha Says it will take atleast 2 years for music industry to recover from pandemic effects

Tejasv Ahuja aka VRanjha is a Delhi-based singer and famous face in the Punjabi music industry. An interview with our correspondent said that it will take at least 2 years for the music industry to recover from effects caused by the COVID-19 pandemic on the entertainment industry.

VRanjha a popular singer and actor in the Punjabi Entertainment Industry, started his career in the year 2017. He got his debut song under the banner of T-Series Apna Punjab which is a subsidiary of T-Series world’s biggest music company. His debut Song “26 Da Thaath Baath” was an instant hit, which now has more than 50 Lakh plays all across the Internet. He collaborated with famous Punjabi Rapper Shikari for his next track “Nache Nonstop” which was released on Speed Records and Produced by Jatin Alawadhi, yet another hit track enjoyed by the massive fanbase of VRanjha.

In an interview with our correspondent, VRanjha said that the music industry is badly affected because of COVID-19 Outbreak. The biggest source of earnings for an artist is live shows. Due to the ban on gatherings and continuous lockdowns almost all shows have been canceled. I have witnessed a huge drop in new show queries as most of the colleges are closed, and clubs and weddings are allowed with limited gatherings only. Even after lockdown restrictions are lifted still social distancing norms might remain for quite some time which will cause a ripple effect to the industry. In fact, the music industry is not alone even Bollywood is affected by pandemics and lockdowns. Although they started releasing movies on OTT platforms music industry doesn’t have such privileges. Some artists were doing online shows on YouTube or Instagram lives, but these online shows were not commercially profitable. In fact, most of the online shows were either charitable or very less paid.

The industry has witnessed a drop in the release of new songs
Yes, the industry has seen a major drop in the release of fresh songs after COVID-19. Because of the uncertainty of shows producers are not financing fresh projects. Secondly, permission for new video shoots has been rejected in many states because of lockdown and social distancing norms. Independent artists are the most affected ones.

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