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Vodka Diaries Review : Too Much Vodka Is Injurious to Health

  • vodka diaries review
    vodka diaries reviewMovie – Vodka Diaries
  • Cast: Kay Kay Menon, Raima Sen, and Mandira Bedi
  • Director: Kushal Srivastava
  • Genre – Thriller
  • Producer – Vishal Karkera, Vishal Raj, Kushal Srivastava, and Atul Pupneja
  • Studio – K’Scope Entertainment Pvt Ltd and Vishalraj Films & Production Pvt.Ltd
  • Writer – Vaibhav Bajpai
  • Cinematography – Maneesh Chandra Bhatt
  • Rating: 2/5
The film Vodka Diaries deal with a story made at the backdrop of the misty town of Manali when you find the ACP Ashwini Dixit solving the series of some mysterious murders seen happening in one night that seems to revolve around a nightclub called Vodka Diaries. So, when we find the hotel, Vodka Diaries in Manali, becoming the talking point in the city and while the investigating office called Ashwini Dixit is investigating the five murder case his wife goes missing for obvious reasons, which makes the plot interesting to catch.
The film Vodka Diaries happens to be a psychological thriller film rather than a murder mystery. Kay Kay though seems to be a typical trigger-happy cop, but at his heart is a scared, and a vulnerable guy who is keen on appearing that tough. So, he is merely is seen, unlike seen mystery novels. The film has a hotel Vodka Diaries, which is a story within the story. Amidst all, we see some smart kind of filmmaking methods whereas the loud background score is seen jarring though but the intensity is seen supplementing for it. And then the audience would wait for something to happen, but you barely see anything coming out of it
The film has more farse moments than tough eye-lashes of Raima Sen that is seen playing a femme fatale. Soon we can see the screenplay losing its rhythm once Sikha is seen coming in. The plot also fails its direction but thanks to the talented actor, he tried his best to keep the film on track with his incredible performance and so was Sharib Hashmi in his character. Mandira Bedi is a perfect mismatch, while Raima justified her character with incredible performance. For direction, a high score is given to the man who tried this for the first time.
Vodka Diaries  – The Last Word 
Despite good performances and director, the film could be called as a one time watch. The film can be still called as a decent entertainer all thanks to the power packed dialogues and well-directed scenes. But if you are catching the film, avoid catching it with high expectations.
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