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Nirdosh Review : The murder thriller is a curse and painful to watch

Nirdosh Review
Nirdosh Review
  • Director – Pradeep Rangwani and Subroto Paul
  • Star Cast – Arbaaz Khan, Manjari Fadnis, Ashmit Patel and Maheck Chahal
  • Genre – Thriller
  • Producer -Pradeep Rangwani
  • Studio – UV Films
  • Story – Amit Khan
  • Cinematography – Arun Prasad
  • Rating – 1.5


The film revolves around the murder for which Shinaya Grover played by Manjari Fadnis is arrested by the cops as she happens to be her prime suspect. The case is given to the police office Lokhande played by Arbaaz Khan that carries out the investigation of several multiple suspects over the possibilities that comes out. So, what happens next is interesting to catch.


Once you catch the film, you are ought to yell as to how would you un-see the movie Nirdosh. Seriously you would like to pluck your eyes out. This could be the feeling after watching the painful and ridiculous film that is called a murder mystery. The film is faltered at several ends, which could include the shoddy writing, naïve performances backed with clichéd dialogues along with the juvenile sub plots. With this film with the murder mystery is certainly going to push any unsuspecting viewer over the stage at the walkout even was seen getting the killer for the crime. Yet if you are brave enough to catch the film then get prepared to catch the crispy nachos along with the gooey, criminally calorific cheese that remain the good distraction. From the very start of the investigation the methods of conducting the police investigations remain unconventional as he claims but what we can see is the repeatedly boasts but no results when it comes to nabbing culprits. My god his dialogues are too incredible to digest. And talking about the performances, they remain pathetic even to talk about.

Nirdosh – The Last Word

The film seems to be curse for the Nirdosh audience who in search of film fall in the trap of this film. Hence if you are still going to watch this film then make sure you do it on your own risk.

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