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Vivek Agnihotri exposes the dark truth of Bollywood, REVEALS how actors are addicted to drugs

Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri recently shared the dark secrets of Bollywood with the audience. He has told how Bollywood is full of humiliation and exploitation. He also revealed that even a little success leads to drug addiction. He also said that the celebs who do not get the hoped level of success, get trapped in the vicious circle of power and the power industry. He further said that despite not being an actor, he is forced to fake it.

The director of The Kashmir Files has written a long note on his Twitter handle about the dark secrets of Bollywood and said that real Bollywood is found in its dark alleys. The Kashmir Files director tweeted, “I have now spent enough years in Bollywood to understand how it works. What you see is not Bollywood. Entire Bollywood is found in its dark alleys. Its underbelly is so black and shoddy that a common man cannot fathom it. Let’s find it: In these dark paths, you can find broken dreams, trampled dreams, and squashed dreams. If Bollywood is a museum of skill, then it’s also a cemetery of talent. It’s not about sacrifice. Anyone who comes here knows that rejection is part of the deal. It’s the humiliation & exploitation which shatters tender dreams, hopes, and belief in any kind of humanity.

He further Tweet, One can survive without food but to live without respect, self-worth and hope are impossible. No middle-class youngster grows up ever imagining being in that situation. It hits so hard that instead of putting up a fight, one gives up. Lucky are those who go back home. Who stays on, break apart. Those who find some success but not the real one, get into drugs, alcohol, and all kind of life-damaging stuff. Now they need money. So, they get introduced to all kinds of funny money. Some success is the most dangerous one. You are in showbiz without any income & power. You have to look like a star, party like a star, PR like a star but you aren’t a star”.

He further wrote, “Imagine yourself in a gangsta ghetto where you have to behave like a gangster without a gun or knife. You are vulnerable to abuse and exploitation in this situation. Instagram has a price. To shoot, look beautiful, and sound busy, you need money. You return to the dark abyss you started from after this hollow race of validation, which keeps going deeper and deeper with each race. Nobody sees your display of talent. Nobody can hear your screams. You sob. All you discover is a crowd of onlookers laughing at you. Quietly. The tomb of your dreams, however, is then discovered to be being danced on. Their triumph becomes your defeat. You are a walking corpse. Ironically, only you are aware that you are dead. You pass away one day. After that, everyone can see you.

Recently Anurag Kashyap was caught in a war of words with Vivek Agnihotri. For the unversed, their arguments started when Kashyap talked about India’s entry for the Oscars this year in an interview. Pulling his point, he even said that he hoped that the ‘Kashmir Files’ would not be nominated. Vivek tweeted giving his response on this point of Anurag and wrote, “He is running a campaign against The Kashmir Files Oscars submission.”

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