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Vidya Balan gets inspiration for Bobby Jasoos from Ekta’s Mom

Makhila Kapoor and vidya balan

Vidya Balan is seen these days in a different mood. She seems to be making herself ready for Bobby Jassos. Shobha Kapoor, Ekta’s mom seems to have made her tread this path while she is seen trying out this avatar. However, on the face of it, her bush eyebrows and unkempt hair simply gives her to find a look from Sabyaschi. As you catch Vidya in this image, you find her in saffron cotton based saree carrying a couple of strands of Rudhrakhs beads along her neck and seen with robust kind of accessories over her arms. Somehow with her new avatar somewhere resemble to the avatar of Shoba Kapoor.

As per the insiders, Vidya would be playing the character of Makhila Kapoor in the said movie who is a TV serial producer. She would be aping the traits of some successful TV producer so its not just the surname, which seems to be common but also the accent and mannerism she would be portraying would be similar to Shoba Kapoor. Perhaps Shoba shouldn’t have any objection in it, after all Vidya has inspired all this stuff from her only. The same inside source tells that both Vidya and Ekta’s mom are close and hence Shoba is likely to share light moments when this truth is dawned to her.

However, if Vidya is able to perform this character in the most flattery way, you are certainly going to have a tasteful performance at the end. Will Vidya is going to impress the audience and particularly Shobha, you got to wait till the film is finally hitting the theatres and then find out what goes next? Till then wait and watch!

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