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The new comers film Lastbenchers has many lessons for all


Prajakt Rebeloma the actor, director, writer and lyricists of the movie Lastbenchers is gearing up to make his mark as a director in the film industry. His journey for the movie commenced way back when he met an accident and was struggling to recover at his 2 bed room kitchen rented flat in Nagpur. In fact, much before this incident, when he chose to drop out from college, he had in his dreams to do something big in his life. The criticism and taunts coming from his family and relatives have given him the gut feeling to come out something big, which not only can prove his worth but also can make all his critics and cynics that he has all the potentials to do something big treading the path of his own choice.

Thus sprouted the dream of making a movie for which he was supposed to shift Bombay to learn film making. However, his dream of going to the dream land was seen shattered to learn film making due to an accident he met that made him stay on the bed for few weeks. Yet he didn’t give up, but decided to tread this path on his own. Thus began the journey of learning and exploring the ideas and practice of film making. Right from direction to using high end cameras, to acting, script writing, music, to a number of other stuff, he and his brother Sanket Galactus.

Despite being failure in love, academics and now this broken leg, he didn’t gave up but went ahead to learn everything about film making and at the same time giving final touches to his story, he reached to the top to give lessons to people who want to enter in this world. This proves that if you have stubbornness for success and for doing something big you do not have anyone stopping you. This is the crux of the life of Prajakt who is now a director of his first film Lastbenchers, which is all set to hit the theaters on 27th June 2014.

Mere four weeks to go to see how his efforts, investment, hard work and diligence is going to be paid off by the audience. Everyone working in the crew hardly had any background of film making or anything they did, yet they learnt to do things on their own and of course with the guidance and support of Prajakt. So, even though if the film doesn’t turn out to be a big buster over the box office, Prajat and his team has nothing much to lose. In fact, they would get the tag of a debut director and film maker who has the nerves of steel to make film without going a conventional way. In this way, they many lessons for people to learn from this dream project of movie and the efforts they put to make it.

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