Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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Vicky Kaushal says it’s challenging to shoot in new normal

Vicky Kaushal

Vicky Kaushal is raring to be back on set. Vicky Kaushal says – “This is my first superhero film… Shooting in this new normal comes with its own set of challenges; you’ve to test every single person, quarantine everybody, put them in bio-bubbles. Basically, there are several Covid protocols to follow, and everybody needs to be cautious.”

Talking about huge responsibility of production team, he says – “Ultimately, the responsibility falls on [the production team] to make it happen without any trouble. And that isn’t an easy job. But I think everybody is getting accustomed to it, trying their best to adapt. I hope by the time we start Ashwatthama, the pandemic will be much in control.”

Further having in conversation, theatre vs OTT, Vicky Kaushal states – “When it comes to theatre vs OTT, I think some films are made for the cinematic and community viewing experience, and there are others that are flexible in terms of mode of consumption. The year 2020 wasn’t much about choice. It was about the logistics of a film on the production level, depending on finances involved, etc. So eventually, it’s the producer’s prerogative and I’ll be happy with the decision they take.”

Vicky Kaushal concludes – “I think we should focus on how to become a better version of ourselves. That’s what my aim is with every project. I just want to do better than my last work, keep learning with every project. I believe competition and comparison aren’t in my hand, these are audiences’ prerogative. I’m trying to do good work and present it to the audience. So, if something isn’t in my control, I don’t take stress about it.”

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