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Velle Review: Karan Deol fails to impress with his boring comic caper

Velle Movie Review

Cast: Karan Deol, Abhay Deol, Mouni Roy, Anya Singh

Director: Deven Munjal

Rating: ⭐

Karan Deol’s Velle is a remake of the Telugu blockbuster film ‘Brochevarevarura’. It stars Karan Deol and Abhay Deol in pivotal roles. Before starting I would like to say the film is a boring comic caper.

The movie starts with Rishi Singh (Abhay Deol), who is a film director trying to approach popular actress Rohini (Mouni Roy) for his low-budget film.

So the story he narrates is of three best friends — Rahul (Karan Deol), Rambo (Savant Singh Premi) and Raju (Visshesh Tiwari), aka R3 gang, who are the ideal backbenchers in school with poor grades. And they make all the bad decisions in their life. The story of the film is nothing new because it’s like when you watch any scene, your brain automatically goes like this was expected and there was nothing new to watch for in an entire film.

The R3 Gang then makes friends with the principal’s daughter Riya who is a free-spirited girl, doesn’t like to study and unlike every typical dad, her father wants her to pursue her education seriously. So the gang helps her to escape her house by faking the kidnapping. In which they succeed and Riya finally goes to another city to pursue her dream of dancing. But there she gets kidnapped, and after all the twists and turns, she makes it back home with all her friends, and believe me when I say this the only thought which crossed my mind was if the writer of the film was high on something when he was writing the script!

There are three different parallel narratives in the story that feels like being forcefully added to connect the points.

Talking about the performance of the film, except Abhay Deol, everyone’s performance was below the mark. Karan Deol’s character fails to impress the audience because every second felt like torture while watching the film. The film demanded a basic display of emotions and Karan Deol’s portrayal of emotions felt very overdramatic and forced, it didn’t feel natural at all. He even tried portraying Sunny Deol’s level of aggression but failed miserably. He could possibly do more better than this.

So concluding everything, Velle has lighthearted comedy which is perfect to watch if you have nothing left in your life to do.
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