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Uvaa 1st Week Box Office Report

Uvaa first week box office report

With many low budget films, last Friday didn’t promise any star stud film to catch up. The film is all about youngsters and their callous lifestyle till they end up getting into a problem and coming out to turn serious in their lives. Since the very first day the movie has been on a low pitch in terms of occupancy and collection. There was hardly any buzz visible over the media except a couple of social media posts fired over popular social networking sites. Thus, with no such buzz expecting a decent start is an exercise to futility. Thanks to the low promotion of the film and other elements, which went against the movie.

As per reports, the first week box office collection for Uvaa tolled to around 1.20 crore, which is really a meager figure to consider. The other factors, which went against the movie was no star value, no big action or script and of course the limited number of screens, which came in its way. On the other side, the film ABCD 2 simply cornered the two low budget film embarked at the theatres. Similar was the fate of the other movie releasing called Miss Tanakpur Haazir Ho, it was also seen struggling over the box office.

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