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Uttama Villain Movie Review

Uttama Villain Movie Review

Uttama Villain is a comic drama with Kamal Haasan, Andrea Jeremiah, Pooja Kumar and K Balachander in the lead roles. The movie is directed by Ramesh Aravind. This oxymoronic titled movie starring legends like Kamal Haasan revolves around the story of remorse and redemption in such a way that it endears the audience along with giving them some of the best cinematic viewing experiences. This narrative style is a new addition in trends in South Indian movies and can be considered to be a different format to adopt. Unlike all Ramesh Aravid movies, which are torn   adeptly into two different time periods promises a story stuffed with several sub-texts and ironies. Now, let’s dig deep into the film to get the central stuff of the same as under:

The Plot

Talking about the story, you have the character called Manoranjan played by Kamal Haasan, who is a known face in the place he lives. He has a doting wife called Varalakshmi played by Oorvashi, his father in law who is a filmmaker called Poornachandra Rao  played by K Viswanath, a Doctor known as Arpana played by Andrea Jeremiah, and an honest and loyal secretary called Chokku played by M S Bhaskar. Soon, you find the juncture, which turns out to be a trigger to all the people surrounding the man Manoranjan. There several movies in Tamil Cinema, which revolves around the life of a movie star, however, the way it is being put inside this film seems very much different that portrays the other side of fame, which comes in an emotional fashion and even tugs your strings found in hearts.  This man is diagnosed with brain cancer, which is in an advanced stage and hardly few months to live.

Though he has just few months in spare, but he wants to make his character live forever, hence he goes back to his mentor Marghadarsi, which is played by the late director Balachander, and ask to do one last movie, which will keep the memory of the two alive forever. His mentor disagrees on making a film with a man who is former actor and presently a star with aura around his persona. However, finally the movie is seems to have rolled down over the floor, hence you find a comedy movie within a film called Uttama Villian. This enlightens the hero of 8th century theatre artist, who is known to have mastered the mantras of leading an eternal life. Though you find the main movie unveiling the tragic story and turmoil in the actor’s life, his actions being a theatre artist is seen lightening up the moods and thus it creates the disparity between the two characters.


Talking about the performances, they seem to be of top class from legends like Kamal Haasan. Once again he has proved that he can go to any extent in order to showcase nothing but the best over the silver screen. On the other side, you have M S Bhaskar who has simply played the character of his lifetime and is brilliant. You can find Nasser increasing the humor quotient with some of his cronies while Jayaram though has a small screen presence but his character is very much significant. Lastly, you can find Pooja Kumar finding the best opportunity to showcase her dancing talents, while the voice of Abirami is a plus point for her.

Technical sides

Uttama Villain seems to have excelled in all the departments right from direction to music, cinematography and the list goes on. Not a single aspect of the film seems lagging behind in terms of professionalism and excellence.  The technical departments seem to scream about their mastery, while Ghibran is seen rocking big time in this film. At one end you have one of the best songs in entertainment but on the other side, every scene in the film be it the lighter ones or the emotionally power packed ones seemed incredible by the director. In a sense every technical aspect of the movie was seen doing par with excellence.

Uttama Villain- The Final Word

The movie seems to do top on terms of emotional content, which seems very much rare these days to catch in modern day cinema. The reasons are obvious, the industry has not many takers, and this is the reason why Uttama Villain is seen scoring brownie points in this sector. When you are seen walking at the end of the movie after seeing the credits rolling down, you would certainly end up lumping into your throat and wouldn’t mind tipping your hat before the veteran actor Kamal Haasan, and say a bow to your sir for your brilliant performance. This gives the rating of around 4.0, which the movie deserves for many things.

Rating – 4.0

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