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Ganga Movie Review


After witnessing a number of postponements, Ganga, the Raghava Lawrence, Tapsee and Nithya Menen starrer film has finally hit the theatres. After impressing the Tamil audience, the filmmaker has finally the same movie in Telugu. Now, let’s check the way the film is able to impress the audience of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.  The movie has garnered a good buzz in the south and after creating much furor in Tamil Nadu, Ganga is giving the same impact over the Telugu audience. Now, let’s dig deep to find what the movie encompasses?

The Plot

Let’s start with the story of the film or the plot. Ganga comes out to be the third installment hailing from the big hit franchise known as Muni. The film has a story, which is very much predictable. So, the narrative style witnessed in the movie along with the screenplay can be seen taking the space over the pedestal. The lead characters – Raghava Lawrence and Tapsee are employed in one of the TV channels doing various stories together. One fine day, they are being forced to enter a haunted house, which comes unintentional. As they enter they catch some of the most horror stuff crossing before their eyes. After the duo return to their channel and their normal life, they are being posed by several spirits seeking reprisal. So, who are these ghosts and what they really want from the couple is the base of the story, which is really interesting to explore catching up the film.

The Performances

Talking about the performances, let’s start with Tapsee. Well, she was seen more like a revelation giving some of the best performance thus proved out her mettle with her dexterity. Though Nithaya Menon shared a small amount of screen presence, however, her small time presence has given an incredible impact in the movie. On the other side, you can find Kovai Sarala sharing some lighter moments and make the audience laugh with her incredible comic timing. Now, the real hero – Raghava Lawrence, he is simply awesome in his job of acting witnessed in different variation in the character he played in the film. He has skillfully played this character making the audience drum struck with some mind blowing performance. However, this performance was more restricted to the first part and failed to add the magic over the second half. Humor for the movie really plays a vital part in the movie and thus all the comedians in the film are seen with long lived screen space, which is very well utilized in a right fashion.

The Technical Heads

If you look beyond those heartening horror sequences, Ganga can be called a technically rich film. The role the music in the film plays is simply incredible as it has allowed in boosting up the fear factor of the film. The lead actor Raghava is seen using the VFX effects very much smartly, which he however, failed to get the positive reviews for his earlier movies like Muni and Kanchana. He was seen utter perfect while narrating the rib tickling horror comedy; however, his screen play in the second half is seen falling flat over the ground dismaying the audience.  On the other side, talking about the cinematography by Rajavel Olhiveeran seemed very much precise and was able to do justice for the horror genre. Editing came in a crisp fashion especially over the first half, however, considering the length of the film, one can feel certain portions, which failed to face the virtual scissors.

Ganga – The Last Word

Talking about Ganga, it is essentially a perfect movie for the masses. The timing of its release has been perfect, as it gained a free weekend, which will likely to draw good crowd towards the theatres to catch the film. With some good performances and being technically rich, the film can be a perfect catch for the audience at Andhra and in its vicinity states. Yet, the film lags the killing stuff, which it could have added in the second part. Still you can find it an entertaining film, don’t forget to catch the thrill the movie encompasses with the horror elements backed by comedy as well.

 Rating – 3.5

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