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Urmila Matondkar raged on Badaun rape-murder, Pooja Bhatt and Taapsee Pannu also expressed their anger

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Badaun is a village in Ughaiti police station area where a 50 year old woman was badly raped and then murdered. The aggrieved side says that the woman went to worship in the temple of a nearby village on Sunday as usual. Here the priest of the temple, one of his disciples and the driver raped the woman. Killed after this. Late in the night the priest came in his jeep and threw the body of the woman at the door and went away.

Subsequently, reports came that Chandramukhi Devi, a member of the National Commission for Women, accused the victim of going out of the house alone. Unhappy with this, Bollywood female actresses Pooja Bhatt, Urmila Mantodkar and Taapsee Pannu have sought clarification from National Women’s Commission chairman Rekha Sharma. They had raised many questions. However, Rekha Sharma while answering her questions said that I do not know how and why they have said this. But the woman has the right to travel anywhere she wishes.

Actually, actress Pooja Bhatt shared the video of Chandramukhi’s statement on social media and asked that Rekha ji, do you agree with what your representative said about the Badaun rape case. In response, Rekha Sharma has said that it is the responsibility of the society and the government to make women safe everywhere. On Rekha’s reply, Pooja also wrote a thank you note.

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