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Urfi Javed to Rakhi Sawant paparazzi’s most favorite celebs

There are stars and superstars in Bollywood who have millions of fans due to their body of work. Others, on the other hand, enjoy enormous popularity as a result of their pictures and reels being circulated on social media by Bollywood’s paparazzi. In the last decade or so, the paparazzi culture has taken over celebrities. Here are some of the most frequently photographed celebrities in Mumbai by shutterbugs.

Urfi Javed

Urfi Javed is a well-known social media personality in India. She has appeared in Sony TV and Star Plus serials, but she rose to prominence with Bigg Boss OTT and MTV Splitsvilla Season 14. Urfi Javed is a paparazzi favorite due to her attire and statement. The camera follows her around Mumbai like an obsessed admirer.

Anjali Arora

Anjali Arora, who rose to prominence after appearing in Tiktok’s viral video, Kachcha Badam, continues to appear in Punjabi music albums. She made a name for herself with the Lock Up reality show. Another paparazzi favourite is Arora, who can be seen in Saregama music videos.

Rakhi Sawant

Rakhi Sawant, known for her item numbers in Hindi films, has made some controversial statements over the years. She always provides video journalists with spicy content, whether it’s reality shows like Bigg Boss or Rakhi Ka Swayamvar or rhetoric about running for office.

Malaika Arora

Malaika Arora is well-known in Hindi cinema for her dance moves over the last two and a half decades. She is best known for her work on Shah Rukh Khan’s Chaiyya chaiyya and Salman Khan’s Munni badnaam hui. Malaika also serves as a judge on various TV reality shows. She is followed by paparazzi to her yoga classes, gym, and airports. News about her love life was always in the news.

Khushboo Singh


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