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Urfi Javed accuses casting director of sexual harassment, SEE HERE

During the #MeToo movement, we saw many actresses accusing filmmakers, co-actors and producers of sexual harassment. They shared their stories and exposed them to those who demanded sexual favors in exchange for work. Urfi Javed of Bigg Boss OTT fame is the most recent star to speak out about it. On social media, the actress accused a casting director of attempting to sexually abuse her. She also criticized him for enlisting the help of young females like her for sexual favors.

Urfi exposed Punjab-based casting director Obed Afridi on her girls.
She also blamed him for trying to defame her. She posted screenshots of the girls who has contacted her and shared their stories with the casting director. Urfi wrote, “I’m fighting against him because he is a sexual predator and I want everyone to know that girls are not safe around him. I work hard for my money and demanding my own money isn’t a crime but sexually assaulting girls is you bitch.” In her post, Javed also mentioned that she has evidence where Obed Afridi has “masturbated in front of young girls telling them its video meeting.”..


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Urfi Javed also alleged that the casting director did not compensate her for her time on screen. Urfi also said that one of the five females she knows has accused Obed Afridi of urging her to sleep with the producer to secure a lead role in a music video. Priyank Sharma, an actor, also came out in support of Urfi, posting on his Instagram account that Afridi had also solicited one of his close friends for sexual favors.


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 According to an India Today report, casting director Obed Afridi is from New Delhi, and he was previously arrested on allegations of using a false identity to defraud young women by promising them better roles.

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