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Uorfi Javed gives a befitting reply to Chahatt Khanna as she comments her ‘aap toh biwi ya maa ke layak bhi nahi ho’

Uorfi Javed is one of the few celebrities who have kept the audiences hooked to their phones. Her glamorous looks and fashion choices make the internet go crazy over it. Urfi and Chahatt Khanna had an unpleasant argument a few weeks ago. Urfi, who is renowned for her unconventional fashion choices, appeared in a yellow cutout dress and was photographed by the photographers. Actress Chahatt Khanna made fun of her outfit choice after her photos went viral. Urfi responded to Chahatt appropriately by criticizing the actress for living a luxury lifestyle on her ex-alimony husband’s payments.

Chahatt started the argument by calling her didi and urging her to use common sense, to which Urfi responded by age-shaming her and referring to Chahatt as an aunty. This intensified the altercation, forcing Chahatt to return. While posting, “Without researching the situation beforehand, you may jump on the news for attention while also embarrassing yourself. Brainless se kya argument karna, akal hoti toh kaam karti na ki semi-naked spottings karti, chalo koi na aap toh aunty, biwi ya maa ke layak toh ho nahi, ab dusro ko hi aunty bolke khush ho jao”

Uorfi javed - Chahatt Khanna

Chahatt Khanna

Uorfi Javed responded appropriately, asking her fans, “Semi nude per zara gaur farmaya jaaye!” and used Chahatt’s images of herself in bikinis and monokinis as evidence.

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Since these women started calling one other out on social media, there has been no turning back for them. As a result of what Urfi chose to post, Chahatt will undoubtedly respond with another statement soon.

Urfi is frequently seen in public criticizing those who criticize her choice of clothing by donning new outfits every day. After Chahatt’s name appeared on the list of well-known actresses connected to the conman Sukesh case, she was asked about it.

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